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Play High5Poker LIVE against your friends and other users! There’s always an opponent waiting for you in this exciting High5Poker.

Choose your bet in advance and start head to head competitive High5Poker game.

Take your single hand poker skills to the next level, manage five hands at once.
  • Play High5Poker LIVE against your facebook friends or other guests all over the world.
  • Compete over 3G Network or WIFI.
  • Locate your online friends and challenge them in High5Poker game.
  • Locate even your offline friends and invite them to join you in High5Poker game.
  • Choose your bet and start head to head game in a simple click.
  • Free 10,000 chips with download.
  • Receive up to 1 million free chips in High5Poker Daily Bonus.
  • Every card given from the deck must be placed on one of the available hands.
  • Hand is available for card only if the current line is not finished.
  • Line is finished when all 5 hands have the same amount of cards, then the next line is available.
  • 20 of 25 cards will be visible to each player except for the last 5 cards of the game.
High5Poker is a game to bring your skills higher, it is not just a single hand against the opponent, but 5 poker hands simultaneously which will make the game much more challenging and interesting than others.

In High5Poker each player is dealt 5 cards of 5 hands, those cards are arrange between the two players which means the player that overcome in most of the hands wins.
  • Dealer will deal 10 cards, 5 for each player and place every one randomly as a start point for the hand.
  • Each player on his turn will be given the next card to place on the hand available according to the rules.
  • Each player will see the opponent last move until his last 5 cards.
  • The last card in each line will be draw by the dealer since the place is already known.
  • When all 25 cards of the players are placed on board and create 5 hands head to head, the 5 cards on the top line will be exposed and the winner in each hand will be determined.
  • The winner will be a player who overcomes an opponent with most of his hands. Example 3:2, 4:1, 5:0.
  • Player that wins gets the bet, the opponent lose the bet.
  • Player that achieve 5:0 which also called High5 win gets counted in statistics.
  • Player that achieve winning will get counted in statistics.
  • Player that lose will get counted in statistics.
  • Player position is determine according to his skills and money rate.